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Best customer relations

We make sure that our clients get the best services beyond their expectations. With this in mind, we at Cleaning Hardwood Floor Guys endeavor to treat them with paramount indulgence and make them feel as part of our team. We also involve them in our decision making and counsel them on the best actions that their floors need. This has made many clients to trust us and also learnt one or two things about maintaining their floors, a basic training that they would not find anywhere else. Be free to contact us via 888-303-3833 to be part of our family.


Most affordable pricing

At Cleaning Hardwood Floor Guys, we have done a market research worldwide, known where to source for cost effective cleaning products. While executing this, we do not compromise on the quality. This is because we understand that we all come from different economic backgrounds and got a lot budgeted for ahead of us. We also comprehend of your desire to have the warmest and most beautiful hardwood floor. Well, we uniquely give you the supremacy to make a choice of getting nothing but the best at the most affordable rates. Why dont you press that dial and call us at 888-303-3833 to find out more about our competitive pricing.


Free consultation

Where on earth would you find free consultation services? You have the answer right on your fingertips. It is only at Cleaning Hardwood Floor Guys. Come and talk with us, tell us the history of your hardwood floor, the challenges that you have faced and how you would wish your floor to look like. We are always more than ready to listen to you and make sure that you make the right decision. We will also be free to visit your home or offices to study your hardwood floors characteristics and advice you accordingly. Contact us through 888-303-3833 and make us be part of your floor transformation.

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Cleaning Hardwood Floors

Deep cleaning

We at Cleaning Hardwood Floor Guys ensure that we offer the best cleaning services to every corner of your room using the rotary brushes of the highest speeds which are able to remove even the toughest dirt. Call us today at 888-303-3833 and we will be part of removing even the smallest particle in your home

Use of electric boom

We at Cleaning Hardwood Floor Guys understand that hardwood floors have cost you a lot and therefore we wouldnt want to mess it up. We treat our mops with treated dusting agents. We also go to an extra mile attach an electric boom to the vacuum in order to avoid scrape off your beautiful floors thus ensuring that your floor is smooth always. To enjoy this technical uniqueness, give us a call at 888-303-3833 to find out how we do this.


Cleaning Hardwood Floor Guys ensures that we preserve your floors by not using wax and silicon byproducts in order to ensure that your cleaning is made smoothly. This is due to the fact that these byproducts make cleaning difficult. Call us through 888-303-3833 and we will preserve your floors with vacuum cleaners.

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